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Stormwater Management Requirements

Implementation of Phase II Stormwater Regulations in Harnett County went into effect on July 1, 2007. NC Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR), Division of Water Quality made this change due to the enormous amount of growth the County has experienced. Since these regulations went into effect, developers have often been required to do more stormwater management than was previous necessary. In turn, permanent stormwater retention ponds, drainage easements, and other permanent measures have been increasing.

In an effort to ensure DENR requirements and County regulations do not conflict, all applicable applications will need to include stormwater management permits and plans effective April 8, 2008. DRB applications have been updated to show these requirements. Any DRB Applications on ‘Hold’ at the effective date of this change must meet the following requirements.

The following items will be necessary:

· Final Major Subdivisions

o Approved Stormwater Management Permit and Plan must be submitted with the application

o Any permanent management measures must be shown on the plat and building envelopes must be adjusted so as NOT to include them

· ALL Site Plans

o If an Erosion Control Permit is required, approved Stormwater Management Permit and Plan must be submitted with the application

Please contact the Harnett County Planning Department at (910)893-7525 option 4, or NC DENR at (910)433-3300 or (919)733-5083 with any questions.

Link to Elevation Certificate & Instructions
Link to DENR-DWQ Phase II Stormwater Management Brochure

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