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Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning

Planning Staff is committed to upholding long term standards for growth and development in Harnett County. Through various long range planning methods we can do just that.

Land Use Plan

Land use planning establishes a plan for the future of a community, including goals and strategies used for both development and preservation of land. Plans may include just a few or many different uses, which can be catergorized into more general categories including: residential, agricultural, commercial, and conservation. Through these types of uses and corresponding densities, we can anticipate and organize use of land to best fit the community.

Currently, staff is working on a major rewrite of the County’s Land Use Plan. This process was started in the Neill’s Creek Area and will continue until the entire County has been evaluated. Please see below for the latest info.

Click here to learn about the 2015 Comprehensive Growth Plan Initiative

Click here to learn more about the Neill's Creek Area Planning Initative

The current Land Use Plan was written and adopted in 1976, with subsequent updates in 1987 and 1999, These updates can be found at the back of the original Land Use Plan.

Click here for a text only version of the current Land Use Plan

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

A comprehensive transportation plan works in many ways the same as a long range plan; however it is used to plan for the future transportation needs of a community. Many people immediately think of motorized-vehicular transportation when they hear the term 'transportation'; however there many other forms of transportation, including pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit. With a comprehensive transportation plan in place, as development occurs the planned future transportation updates are made.

Harnett County worked with several other agencies to develop a comprehensive transportation plan for our community. Below you will find a link from the NC Department of Transportation for Harnett County.

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