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A.G. Rickman Home, owner of Rickman Brick Company was located here. Later Jack Sorrell lived here. (gone)


1 Layton rental home

2. Layton rental home

3. Layton rental home

4 Salmon-Atkins Home (Oscar and Fannie Salmon Atkins) Originally occupied by Silas and Lula Salmon.


1. John Robert Baggett Home

2. Rental house (J.L. Hamilton, Roy Caviness, Vernon Davis, David Bradley)

3. Rental house (Oscar Walker, Esso dealer, Nelly Thompson, later.)

4. Rental house (Hazel and Melvin McLean, Minnie and Thelbert Dean, Leslie Matthews)
5. J. N. Fuquay Home-- Mr. J. N. and Margaret Spears Fuquay, and children: Richard, Mary Nealy, who won the Latin award, Margaret (Teensy), Oscar, and Neal.

6. Dr. W. B. Hunter home, later W. E. Bill Salmon home. One reason that the house was destroyed by fired was because the water supply for Lillington at the time consisted of two wells that did not have enough water pressure for such emergencies.


1. W. M. (Murph) Bryan Home (family members included Jack, Maude, Mary Hughes, Jo)

2. Womble Family (Dorothy, Eula, John)

3. Neil and Gertrude Atkins


  1. Burwell Home occupied by H. D. Carson, Grayson Biggs, Jernigans. It served as a community building in 1944/45, and perhaps earlier.


2. J. C. Hatley family lived here; later Leslie and Bessie Matthews, as well as Mrs. Dan Redfern, who rented two rooms from the Matthews family.


3. Mack and Maude McKinney Home (Lewis’s family) Later it was home to Leroy and Mary Lee.


4. Minnie Bradsher Home (her children were Mildred, Marie, Minnie Wilson, Willard, Freddy Booth, Ambrose, and Robert)

5. J. G. Renn Home




1. John Allen and Frances Walker lived here in the early 1936-1940s. Mr. Walker was the principal of Lillington School until January of 1943, when he died at this residence. The Sydney Howell family also lived here.

2. Horace Freeman, County Auditor, lived here. Henry and Blanche Hamilton bought it from the Freeman Estate.

3. The Rossers lived here in the 1930s, then Margaret and Joe Gourley lived in the apartment at the back of the house. The Currins, and and later the Shaw family also lived here.

4. Cleveland Matthews and later Sydney and Ruby Howell lived here.

5. Cleveland Matthews also lived here as well as the A. G. Rickman family.

6. Rental house


1. Tim and Bill McKoy Home (Their daughter was Sarah Vann.) Later Thomas and Lou Crews lived here.

2. Methodist Manse, sold to Walt Matthews whose daughter was Thelma Matthews.


1. There was a school on this corner around 1900-1915. Later it became the location of the Joel Layton, Jr. house.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Early W. Bradley Home.  Sons of the Bradleys were Gene, Hal, Kilgo, Charles, Conner, and Billy.  This house and the next one are Sears Catalog Homes.
3. A.T. Brown Home (Lillie Mae Brown Schafran homplace)


Atlantic and Western Depot. Leslie Matthews ran National Oil Company located here and they sold Conoco oil products. According to Billy Ray, they also had hogs beside the oil company.

Jitney and ticket.  The Jitney went from Lillington to Sanford daily.


1. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hendley

2. M.T. Phelts ( Mary Ann, Emily and Marion were the children)

3. Jim Sawyer

4. Brantley and Teensie Matthews

5. Henry and Belle McDougald

6. Rental house


1. Joel and Maude Layton Home
2. Stewart and Felicia Melvin (Dr. Melvin, from Linden was his father)
3. Rental house Bertise Wicker

4. Rental house Harris and Meta McAllister


1. Graham and Lucy Monroe Home  - Their sons were Sidney, Joe, and Devon.

2. C. S. and Gertie Loving lived here. They ran Lillington Hardware along with Sion Wilborn. The house was purchased from the Tugwells, who originally owned Tugwell Drug.

3. Burren and Cornelia Stout Home faces 10th St.

4. Brantley and Teensie Matthews Home (gone)

5. Dr. Alvin Worth Peede as well as John and Hazel Womble, lived here at one time.


1. Sexton Home, 1913 Later it was home to Marvin and Velma Edwards and then it was home to the William Herman Parrish family.

2. Neill and Anne Salmon, still owned by McKay, Marie, and Stephanie Salmon, descendants.

3. Rosa and Sion Wilburn

4. B. C. and Lida O'Quinn


1. Dr. A. W. and Eula Peede

2. Henderson and Rachel Steele
3. Dr. W. B. and Rita Hunter
4. Dr. Peede's office



1. J. R. Hood Home in 1934; later W. J. and Sudie Morris lived here.

2. Joe and Vera Caviness

3. Lee and Alda Chaffin

4. Lillington Baptist Church

5. C. B. and Lois Shelton Allred

6. Joe Tom and Ruby Mae Wilder Long


1. Billy and Helen Chaffin Byrd Home

2. H. E. and Letha Pond Smith Home - Their children were Ora Pond, Bernice, Howard, and Nell.

3. Sam F. Hudson lived at the Baptist Parsonage. It was moved to the corner of 11th St.

4. J. D. Gossett Home, was later home to the W. C. Bethune family, as well as the John Warren family. (gone)


1. Mack Johnson Home

2. Cling Johnson Home

3. Curt and Anna O’Quinn Home - They were the parents of Frances O’Quinn Glasby; grandparents of Betty and Sue Jo Glasby.3. Curt and Anna O'Quinn (Frances Glasby's parents, Betty and Sue Jo's grandparents)


1. The Tom Newton family lived here.

2. From the middle of this block to the middle of the next block was part of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp.

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