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Main Street  (going South on the left and north on the right)

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1. Café / Shell Station. Mr. Andy Jackson ran the café and Harold and Jim Morgan ran the service station.

2. A. W. Wood Home

3. Wood's Grocery, operated by Zola Wood

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4. Esso Station / Bus station

5. The Tom Brown Home is located on James Street as you turn the corner.

6. Ben Parker Home. (gone)


1. W. P. Sutton Home still occupied by the Sutton family.

2. Here was a tennis court and later Wilbourne’s Furniture Store, and offices upstairs. Dr. Williford had his first office here.

3. Turning left onto Killiegrey, the T. L. Kelly Home still stands.

4. Next is the location of the Paul Phelps Home; Roger and Retha Weaver also lived here.

5. N. R. and Inez Sessoms House.

6. The Porthyress house was originally the home of Inez Harrington.

7. Caviness and Ruth Brown lived in the next house on this block.


1. Hiram and Dollie Baggett

2. Effie Davis House (She worked at the Bank of Lillington)

3. Kyle and Ethel Matthews Home

4. This is where the Charlie Biggs house stands. It had an upstairs apartment. Mr. Biggs was the last man in Lillington to drive a horse and buggy.


1. Methodist church

2. Cleveland (W. C.) Bethune Home built in 1929-30. It was also home to Starlin and Agnes Adcock.

3. W. C. Bethune Grocery. Later it was the Harnett Furniture Store run by Mr. Gossett.


1. M. E. Wilder Home


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Before 1950, this block was vacant except for the Sinclair Station (gone) on the corner of Front and Ivey and the fenced-in area containing Northam Motor Company’s used cars, as well as two large billboards. Glenn Johnson was the first operator of the Sinclair Station. And when the circus came to town, this is where the Big Top went.

This block made a great playground. 



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1. Northam Motor Company (gone)

lyric.jpg (451928 bytes) 2. Lyric Theater attached to the Northam Motor company (gone)

3. Malcolm Fowler had an International Harvest Appliance store here.

4. Dr. A. W. Peede lived here and later it was home to Talbott Stewart.

5. Ralph Davis Home

6. H. D. Carson, Sr. Home
7. Stout Home ( Mr. Burren Stout ran the ice plant) Also the Renns lived here at one time.


1. Frank Stewart home where Hardee's is now located

2. W. C. Bethune home

3. Presbyterian manse (gone)

4. Presbyterian Church


1. Pete and Lucy Long Home

2. J. D. Gossett; later Malcolm Fowler

3. Haighwood Home ( Mollie, her son, Carl and her daughter, Mamie)
4. After 1950 the Haigwood family moved into the brick home on the corner.

5. Inez Harrington Home


1. Grady Johnson, Maple’s Tourist Home, (had a big barn behind it).

2. Bethea’s Tourist Home. Siddall & Mamie Bethea family (John Brown Bethea, Mary Bethea Baker and Sarah Bethea Miller, children)

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