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Friday, November 17, 2017  |  Permalink

Harnett Animal Shelter at Capacity - Adoption Fees Waived Through Nov. 21

Harnett County Animal Services needs your help in adopting dogs and cats currently at the Harnett County Animal Shelter. The shelter is currently at capacity in terms of dogs and is nearing capacity in terms of cats. This is preventing Animal Services from addressing the backlog of service requests in the county until there is space.
The dogs and cats currently in the shelter need to be adopted as soon as possible. Without your help, Animal Services will be forced to take measures to reduce the shelter population. Animal Services is waiving adoption fees for the public through next Tuesday, Nov. 21 to get as many of these animals adopted as possible. Please help us by sharing this post and getting the word out.
For more information about Animal Shelter hours or to view animals currently up for adoption, go to http://www.harnett.org/ac/.