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Frequently Asked Questions About 2009 Tax Revaluation

Q: What does the term "revaluation" mean?
A: Revaluation means that the local tax officials are "reassessing" or "rechecking" the value of real property in Harnett County. They are trying to equalize the tax value and the market value. Revaluation does not include personal property. The tax officials donít create the values; the values are determined by transactions that occur in the marketplace. The Tax Office simply has the legal responsibility to study those transactions and appraise your property accordingly.

Q: What is market value?
A: Market value is the most probable price, which a property should bring in a competitive and open market.

Q: Why is revaluation being done in 2009?
A: The State of North Carolina requires that every county complete the revaluation process at intervals of no more than eight years. The last revaluation in Harnett County was in 2003.

Q: Why have tax employees visited or why will they visit my home?
A: Revaluation is a lengthy process that takes about two to three years to complete. As part of the process, we review information on and/or visit the parcels in the county. Currently we have over 59,800 parcels. During home visits, appraisers verify square footage and look for changes such as room additions, decks, and outbuildings.

Q: What is the current status of the revaluation process?
A: The 2009 revaluation process will be completed in the fall of 2008. Residents will receive notices informing them of their new property values in February/March 2009. The notice will include the propertyís acreage and the new tax value.

Q: What is the Schedule of Values?
A: The Schedule of Values is a set of standards and rules for appraising property within Harnett County. These standards and rules assure that all property will be appraised in a uniform and fair manner. The Schedule of Values have tentatively been set to be presented to the County Board of Commissioners in July 2008. After that, the public will be offered the chance to review the Schedule of Values. This information will be available in the Tax Assessorís Office.

Q: Does higher property value mean higher property taxes?
A: Residents should not make any assumptions about taxes just because of the new property value. The actual amount of taxes that will be due will be based on the new property tax rate, which will be set no later than June 30, 2009. Once the new property tax rate is set, residents will be able to compute property taxes based on the revaluation.

Q: What if I donít agree with the new value of my property?
A: If you do not agree with your value, simply fill out the bottom two thirds of the revaluation notice, sign it, date it and give us a daytime phone number. Mail the form back to the Tax Office within 30 days of the date of the new revaluation notice, and we will review the property for which you are concerned. You must fill out the appeals part of the revaluation notice and return it to our office within 30 days of the date of the notice. Once we have completed our review, we will mail you a letter with our decision.

Q: Can I appeal beyond the informal hearing?
A: Yes. Following the informal hearing, a taxpayer may request to have a hearing before the Board of Equalization and Review. This five-member board will review the case again and make a decision. After the Board of Equalization and Review, taxpayers can appeal to the State Property Tax Commission and ultimately to the State Supreme Court.

Q: When will my taxes be due?
A: Tax bills are normally mailed in August and are due September 1. Taxpayers have until January 5 to pay tax bills without incurring interest.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: You can contact the Harnett County Tax Office at 910-893-7521 or you may email your question to bbeasley@harnett.org.

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