Harnett County, North Carolina
Tax Department 
Harnett County Tax Offices

Keith Faulkner, Tax Administrator

Welcome to Harnett County, North Carolina. As Tax Administrator, it is my responsibility to direct a tax listing/billing, assessment and collection program for the County, as well as direct a program of revaluation of county real property for ad valorem (at value) tax purposes. Our office consists of three divisions: Listing/Billing, Appraisals and Collections. Listed below are the names of the managers of these divisions and the numbers at which they can be reached. If we may be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact us.

Margaret Wright
Tax Database Administrator (Tax Listing\Billing Supervisor)
(910) 893-7521
(910) 814-4017

Tami Botello
Chief Appraiser
(910) 893-7522
(910) 814-4017

Wanda Spivey
Deputy Tax Collector
(910) 893-7520
(910) 814-4017