Harnett County,
North Carolina

Solid Waste 

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Landfill Tipping Fees
Furniture/Toys/Electronics, per ton $45
Metals and Appliances No charge
Lead Acid Batteries No charge
Land clearing/inert debris and yard waste, per ton $30
Construction & Demolition Debris $45
Recycling, cardboard, cans, cartons, bottles, paper, plastic bags not allowed No charge
Non-Household/Non-Recycling Items (Mix Load) $45
Illegal Waste $106
Mattress/Box Spring (standard/full and larger sizes) $5
Mattress/Box Spring (twin and smaller sizes) $2
Screened Mulch Cost +10%
Fine for including trash bags or debris in LCID $100
Surcharge for digging out loads $100
Solid Waste Citation $100
Availability Fees (collected on tax bill)
Household Solid Waste $65
Recycling Fee $5

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