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Rabies Survey In Harnett County

Rabies Survey Data Summary

110 Total Surveys

  • 22 non pet owners, 88 pet owners

For those who have been to the HCAS clinic:

  • 14 Very Satisfied, 2 Satisfied for overall clinic satisfaction and cost of clinic
  • 9 Very Satisfied, 3 Satisfied, 3 Neutral for date of clinic
  • 8 Very Satisfied, 2 Satisfied, 5 Neutral for time of clinic
  • 11 Very Satisfied, 2 Satisfied, 2 Neutral for clinic location

For those who went to the clinic during the fall festivals:

  • They all (6) said the cost was convenient. 4 also said that the time, location, and date were convenient.
  • Half (3/6) of these people were unaware that HCAS offered the vaccine. One didn’t live in the county, one mentioned time as an issue, and one always gets their vaccine done with HCAS.

For those who have not been to the clinic:

  • Reasons why:
    • 39 of 65 (60%) Listed a reason for not going to the HCAS for the vaccine because they go to their vet.
    • 14 (21%) were unaware that HCAS offered the vaccine.
    • 9 people said that HCAS was too far from home or lived out of county.
  • Change their mind:
    • 16 people said they “don’t know” what would change their mind about using HCAS for rabies vaccines.
    • 14 said if there was a lower cost/free clinic.
    • 15 people said if HCAS offered a long-term/3-year vaccination.
    • 11 said if they lived in the county or if HCAS held the clinic at a different location.
    • 19 (~30%) people said their minds might be changed if there was more advertisement and/or if they read educational material on the HCAS website.
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