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Estate Procedural Guide

This is a general guide of steps to follow AFTER an estate has been opened in Harnett County.


¨ Obtain an Estate Tax ID number.

¨ Obtain copies of signature cards for ALL of the decedent’s financial accounts – not the estate accounts.

¨ Open an estate checking account. Notify the bank that you need copies of cancelled checks with your statement.

Please note: The use of a debit/check card is NOT allowed under any circumstances, nor are

payments to cash or non-estate expenses. Expenses that can be paid from a decedent’s estate account include administrative cost and bills the decedent incurred when they were living. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please seek the advice of an attorney.

¨ Go to the Dunn Daily Record and run a “Notice to Creditors” ad. This runs once a week for four weeks.


¨ Read Estate Booklet provided by our office.

90 days from date of qualification, return to our office with:

¨ Completed Inventory form (E-505)

¨ Publisher’s Affidavit from newspaper (notarized document with newspaper clipping attached)

¨ Completed Affidavit of Notice to Creditors form (E-307)

¨ Copy of signature card(s) from bank(s)

¨ Estate check book (if applicable). If estate checking account was not necessary, bring cash/check for payment of estate fees

One year from date of qualification, return to our office with:

¨ Completed Final/Annual Account form (E-506)

¨ All estate checking bank statements - including last statement with a zero ($0.00) balance

¨ All cancelled checks from estate checking account

¨ Bills and receipts for each disbursement on Final/Annual Account form

¨ Release of claim for all claims filed with our office.

¨ Completed Estate Tax Certification form (E-212)

¨ Receipt Acknowledgement forms from heirs signed and notarized.

¨ Copy of paid funeral bill or receipt indicating “paid in full”

¨ If court fees were not paid in full at inventory, you will need to pay additional fees

You will be mailed a reminder to file your inventory/account which allows you 30 days from the date on the notice to file. If you need an extension of time, you should contact our office and make a request. If you do not file within the time allotted, you will be served with court orders by the Sheriff of your county. You can be held in contempt of court and placed in the county jail until compliance of the court order. Any service fees that arise from these orders are at your own personal cost and cannot be paid from the estate. Service fees are $30 per Order.

As always, if you need assistance you may contact us at any time. However, please remember that we are not attorneys and are prohibited from giving legal advice.

Marsha Johnson, Clerk of Superior Court, (910) 814-4630, Marsha.L.Johnson@nccourts.org

Reneé W. Stanley, Supervisor/Assistant Clerk, (910) 814-4646, Reneé.W.Stanley@nccourts.org

Daniel McNeill, Assistant Clerk, (910) 814-4638, Daniel.McNeill@nccourts.org

Whitney B. Huggins, Deputy Clerk, (910) 814-4614, Whitney.B.Huggins@nccourts.org

You can obtain additional forms at www.nccourts.org or www.harnett.org

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