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Utilities Access Program

This program will allow approved low-income and very-low-income home owners access to water by waiving the water tap fee, but does require the property to be within an area serviced by the Harnett County Public Utilities department and the homeowner must complete the connection to their home at the homewoner's expense.

Eligibility will be determined and supported by the following conditions. The homeowner must first meet the adjusted income limits established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Only homeowner applicants will be served therefore, solicitants must clearly demonstrate home ownership.

Recipients must prove they own and occupy the property in Harnett County. In addition, household income must be at or below the low-income threshold for the number of persons living in the home as indicated in the Income table below.

2020 Income Limits for Harnett County

Utilities Access Program (UA20)

Number in Household

Very Low Income

Low Income

























*Income limits are subject to change based on annually published HUD HOME limits.


Applicants will be responsible for their monthly water bill and any leaks that occur past the union nut at meter and their service line. This program is a one-time assistance provided to eligible applicants meeting the criterias set forth in the Utilities Access Policy.

Utilities Access Description/Policy

Utilities Access Application

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