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Harnett County Provisional Ballot Information


It is the Voter's Responsibility to provide the Board of Election's Office with current information regarding name, address, party affiliation, etc. However, if the voter does not appear on the official list of eligible registered voters in the precinct, the election official shall notify the individual that he/she may cast a provisional ballot.

NCGS 163-166.11 provides that the individual must execute a written affirmation before an election official stating that he/she is a registered voter in the jurisdiction in which the individual seeks to vote and he/she is eligible to vote in that election.

The Election Official shall provide written information to the individual as to how the individual may ascertain whether and to what extent the ballot was counted, and if the ballot was not counted in whole or in part, the reason it was not counted.

Provisional ballots are to be sealed in the envelope provided and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the ballot to be placed in the voting machine. The sealed envelope should be given to the election official who will secure it at the voting place, and at the close of polls, transmit it to the Board of Elections Office for further action.

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