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If you are hiding a pregnancy and hoping to hide a birth, please seek prenatal care. Get help from someone you trust to make good decisions, such as a family friend or clergy.

If you have no one to turn to, go to an institution that you can trust ... your health department, your social services department, or doctor.

Plan for the birth, because giving birth alone could hurt you or your baby. If you or your baby need medical attention, get it right away. Having a baby without any medical help can lead to serious complications for the woman or the baby.

It is better to seek help than to risk serious health consequences. More resources are available than you may know.

Most of all, if you do have a baby in secret, you can release it to a responsible adult.

Other Options

A woman who is about to give birth and does not want the baby has several options. Safe surrender is only one of them. Other options include keeping the baby or arranging for an adoption.

For more information click on the link to view.Safe Surrender of Newborns

For more information: Harnett County Department of Social Services 910-893-7500.

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