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Information Technology Work Order Priorities


IT Department's Work Order Priority List

When users experience problems, the IT Department makes every effort to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. At certain times the department is completely overwhelmed and cannot get to users as quick as they would like. The following is a list of the priorities the department uses to categorize each problem:

*The majority of user problems are categorized as either High or ASAP*

1) ASAP - (immediate response) This category covers problems that affect many users or the basic infrastructure of the network. This includes connections to the Internet, email issues, inter-departmental connectivity, fiber and wireless connections, virus outbreaks, or other problems that prohibit users from performing assigned tasks.

2) HIGH - (immediate to 1 day response) This category covers many of the same issues as ASAP group, if the issues are affecting limited numbers of users or the person responsible has higher level issues to resolve before troubleshooting this issue.

3) MODERATE - (1 to 3 day response) This category covers equipment moves, new user account setup, updating non-critical databases, printer and other peripherals installs and troubleshooting.

4) LOW - (4 day to 1 week response) This category covers researching software, clean-up of user computers and general system/network housekeeping.

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