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Frequently Asked Questions

QHow do I get a survey of my property?
AYou will have to hire a private surveyor. Harnett County does not provide property surveys. Any information provided by the County, including GIS, is used for reference purposes only.

QWhere should I put my fence?

Harnett County does not regulate fencing on single-family residential properties; however we recommend that you put it one (1) foot from the property line.

If you build a fence on the property line, it becomes shared property between you and your neighbor(s). Also, unless you have recently had your property surveyed, your estimate of the location of the property line may be off by a few inches. Building a fence (1) foot from the property line will help to prevent you from running into issues in the future with these types of situations.

Additionally, if you have any easements on your property, your fence should not be built on them. If it is built on an easement, the person or people deeded use of the easement may remove the fence at their own discretion.

Harnett County does regulate fencing in manufactured home parks. Within manufactured home parks, "Fences or walls shall not be permitted unless approved as part of the park plan. This excludes one (1) temporary pet containment area per manufactured home space. Pet containment areas shall not exceed 120 square feet and shall be made of suitable and durable materials intended for such use that are installed in good workman-ship manner."

Fencing erected as part of a required buffer or landscaping may also have specific placement requirement.

Please contact Harnett County Development Services for clarification if you have any questions regarding fencing.

QWhat if I am experiencing water runoff or sedimentation from a new development, or a home being built?

In most cases erosion and sedimentation control permits must be aquired from the State. The agency that typically reviews and enforces these permits is the North Carolina Department of Environmental quality, or NCDEQ. They can be reached by phone at 910-433-3300, or you can visit their website for more assistance HERE.

QHow do I get permits?

Harnett County Central Permitting is a centralized location where you can get most County permits. To contact Central Permitting:

  • Online: www.harnett.org/permits
  • Phone: (910)893-7525, Option 2
  • Fax: (910)893-2793
  • Location: 108 E. Front St., Lillington, NC

QWhen will I be able to pick up my map?

Minor Subdivisions and Exempt Maps

For minor subdivisions and exempt maps, including recombinations of land and parcels greater than ten (10) acres, we have a minimum 48 hour review period. Planning Staff reviews maps in the order they are recieved, and gets to each map as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that other staff duties do not always allow time for maps to be reviewed within 48 hours. The review period does not include weekends or holidays. We suggest that you contact the Planning Department after 48 hours have passed to check the status of your map before coming to pick it up.

Projects reviewed by the Development Review Board (DRB)

All applications to the DRB are reviewed in accordance with the established schedule. Applicants can expect to receive a decision and comment(s) at the DRB meeting the application is scheduled to be heard.

Submittals of revised plans, for conditionally approved plats, are reviewed by each DRB member department. The projects are reviewed in the order they are received and must be reviewed by each department that provided comment. No decision can be made without confirmation from each department that the application has been reviewed. For status of your project, please contact each department directly.

QWhere can I find a zoning or other county map?

The Harnett County GIS Department is responsible for all county maps. Please visit the department's map gallery for a complete list of maps available to download.

Harnett County GIS Map Gallery

QWhere do I find out about restrictive covenants and other deed restrictions?

These types of restrictions are a civil matter and do not involve the county. You should check the deed of the property in question for information on restrictions. Any further questions should be directed to your attorney.

To search online for a deed click here.

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