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Citizen & Employee Communications Survey

About the Survey

In July 2019, Harnett County launched two communications surveys: the Employee Communications Survey and the Citizen Communications Survey. Both employees and citizens were targeted to complete a separate survey to help better understand the      employees’ outlook on the county’s marketing and communications efforts and how their results compare with the citizens’ outlook on the county’s marketing and communications efforts.

Previous to July 2019, the County had never conducted a communications survey.  Without input from its citizens and employees, Harnett County has had no data to compare the effectiveness of its communications efforts. As Harnett County continues to grow and put emphasis on the need for strong communication efforts, it will need to actively measure those efforts on a regular basis and adjust efforts based on needs and wants.

The surveys received feedback from 168 Harnett County citizens and 234 Harnett County employees. 

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of this survey was to engage with citizens and employees to learn about the the County's current communication efforts. Three goals were identified for the survey:

  • Gather feedback on how citizens and employees viewed the County’s communication and marketing efforts
  • Learn areas of improvement for County communications
  • Develop a baseline of data for marketing efforts

The results of these surveys, along with other communications and community engagement measurements, will allow Harnett County to better manage the methods used to communicate and engage with citizens and employees. The County strives to provide       information to citizens in a timely, reliable, honest, and transparent manner and offer several opportunities for community engagement.  

Through these surveys and additional recommendations from the Community Relations Coordinator, Harnett County will understand the current state of its communications and marketing efforts and identify areas of improvement to better serve citizens and keep employees informed.

Survey Results

Both surveys provided feedback and data to help the County identify ways to improve communication and marketing efforts. We invite you to view all the results in our 2019 Citizen & Employee Communications Survey Report.

Future Recommendations

 The County plans to look at ways to improve communication with both citizens and employees. Below are some next steps for future County communications:

  • Develop a Strategic Communications and Citizen Engagement Plan
  • Standardize Marketing and Branding Efforts
  • Expand and Increase Communication Efforts
  • Increase Community Engagement Opportunities

For more information on the 2019 Citizen & Employee Communications Survey, please contact Ashley Deans, Community Relations Coordinator, at adeans@harnett.org or 910-814-6001. 

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