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Legislative Priorities

Assist Counties in Expanding Broadband Access to Underserved Areas (State/Federal)
Lack of access to high speed Broadband is a significant barrier to economic growth, and limits educational opportunities and outcomes for residents. We ask for assistance in developing infrastructure and providing broadband to underserved areas within the Harnett County, either through legislation or funding opportunities. Harnett County completed a Broadband Survey in 2019 and hopes to use the data to encourage providers to expand service within the county. We ask for continued support in assistance as we work to expand access to Broadband for our residents.
Grant County Boards of Commissioners the Ability to Construct Schools (State)
The Harnett County Board of Commissioners asks for the authority to construct schools, to allow the County to strategically plan for growth and reduce existing and future issues with school overcrowding.
Appropriate full funding for the Federal Impact Aid Program (Federal)
The Federal Impact Aid Program reimburses school districts for the loss of local tax revenue due to the presence of the Federal Government. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Education and funding is approved each year by Congress through the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Subcommittee bill. Because the Impact Aid Program is not fully funded (and hasn’t been since 1969), funds are distributed using a needs-based funding formula, which results in Harnett County Schools receiving less funding per student than surrounding counties. In 2017, Harnett County Schools received $750,533 in Impact Aid Funding, but would have received $4,271,484 had the program been fully funded, a difference of $3,520,921. We request that Congress fully fund the Impact Aid Program to address the impact of military-connected students on local school systems.
Support County Efforts to Expand Natural Gas Capacity (State)
Access to natural gas is a basic requirement for many businesses and industries. Despite population growth in portions of Harnett County, the absence of natural gas has prevented the commercial and industrial development that would normally accompany this growth. We ask for assistance in identifying ways to expand natural gas capacity throughout the county through public-private partnerships.
Support the County’s efforts to Enhance the Harnett Regional Jetport (State)
Harnett Regional Jetport is an economic engine for Harnett County. In the past decade, the County has rehabilitated runways and taxiways, and improved the apron, taxiways and runways to accommodate larger aircraft to expand the airport’s aviation and economic capabilities. Harnett County is preparing to make additional investments in the jetport in the form of additional and improved lighting, apron expansion and a badly needed new terminal and site improvements. We ask for any assistance that may be available to offset these costs or to make additional enhancements in the future.

For a full list of the 2020 priorities presented to the state and federal legislatives representatives, click here. 

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