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Tuesday, October 18, 2022  |  Permalink

Commissioners October 17 Meeting Recap

Harnett County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting yesterday evening, October 17, in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Harnett County Resource Center and Library.

Commissioners kicked off the meeting approving several action items in the Consent Agenda. These action items included:

  • Adoption of Resolutions requesting NCDOT to add Chesterton Court; Tanna Place; Melody Lane in Forest Ridge Subdivision and Emma Ct.; Lumina Ct.; Shepard Dr.; Kenlan Rd. in Kenlan Farm to the State’s Secondary Road System
  • Adoption of a Resolution Supporting Operation Green Light for Veterans
  • Approval for Cooperative Extension to receive a new ChildCare Block Grant in the amount of $27,423 from the Chatham County Partnership for Children to continue providing training and workshops for child care providers across Harnett County
  • Approval for the Health Department to receive additional COVID 716 Vaccination funds in the amount of $166,568. These funds will assist the health department with COVID vaccine distribution and will ensure greater access to the vaccine in underserved populations
  • Approval for the Health Department to receive COVID 546 Communicable Disease Pandemic Recovery funds in the amount of $413,124. These funds will assist the health department in expanding communicable disease surveillance, detection, control and prevention activities
  • Approval for the Health Department to purchase a mobile medical unit to expand communicable disease services within the county
  • Approval of a FY 2024 grant application to CAMPO's Unified planning work program for a transit demand and market analysis study for Northwest Harnett County
  • Approval of the amendments for the Harnett County’s Planning Board By-laws to comply with North Carolina General Statute 160D
  • Approval of a policy to provide premium pay to full-time Harnett County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Employees for the risks they incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Approval for Harnett Regional Water to award a construction repair contract for the above referenced project to Blakenship & Associates out of Raleigh, NC in the amount of $169,859
  • Approval for Harnett Regional Water to award the waterline construction contract for the North West Harnett Elementary School Utility Extension Project to ELJ, Inc. from Jacksonville, NC in the amount of $770,010
  • Approval of the appointment of David Summers, District 3, as an alternate on the Board of Adjustment; the appointment of Roger Farina, District 5 to the Jetport Committee and the appointment of Benjamin Slaughter as an at-large member to the Jetport Committee
  • Approval of the Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services between the Town of Erwin and County of Harnett.

Next, Commissioners opened a public comment period for citizens to address the Board. There were two citizens to provide remarks on various topics.

Following the public comment period, Commissioners opened a public hearing for a proposed zoning change on Purfoy Road in Hector’s Creek and Black River Township. There were two citizens to provide remarks. Commissioners voted to approve this zoning change.

Commissioners opened a second public hearing for a proposed zoning change from commercial to residential in the Upper Little River Township. There two citizens to provide remarks. Commissioners voted to table this zoning change to the November 1 work session.

Next, Commissioners considered applications for the Jury Commission. Sandra Jackson was appointed to serve on this Commissioner, representing District 2.

Commissioners then approved a Pilot Animal Fostering Program and adopted new changes to the Animal Services Ordinances.

Next, Commissioners approved budget amendments as requested by the Finance Officer and tax rebates, refunds, and releases as requested by the Tax Administrator.

Last, County Manager Brent Trout provided his report, which included the Veterans Services Activity Report, Public Health activities summary, interdepartmental budget amendments, and the NC Department of State Treasurer Retirement System Division Contribution Based Benefit Cap Report.

The next County Commissioners regular meeting will be held on Monday, November 7 at 9:00 AM. You can watch last night’s meeting in full by visiting Harnett County Government’s youtube channel or the Commissioners webpage at harnett.org/boc.

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