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Monday, November 7, 2022  |  Permalink

Commissioners November 7 Meeting Recap

Harnett County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting this morning, November 7, in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Harnett County Resource Center and Library.

Commissioners kicked off the meeting approving several action items in the Consent Agenda. These action items included:

  • Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of October 17, 2022 and Work Session Minutes of November 1, 2022.
  • Adoption of a Resolution requesting NCDOT add Long Meadow Lane and Old Maple Court in Lafayette Meadows to the State’s Secondary Road System.
  • Approval for the Public Library to apply for a one-time non-recurring state aid from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, the State Library. These funds are separate from, and in addition to annual State Aid. Non-recurring State Aid funds originated from the US Treasury Office as part of the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act. The amount to be awarded to Harnett County is $108,352. Matching funds are not required. These funds will be added to allowable expense lines of the library's operating budget to help offset the cost of library consolidation.
  • Approval for Harnett County Emergency Services to accept a funding award for the FY 2021 Assistance to Firefighters Grant. This grant has a 10% county match. The grant funding amount is $427,536.36. The overall grant including the county’s 10% ($42,753.64) will be $470,290.00. These funds will be utilized to purchase an estimated (cost variables) 26 mobile radios and 56 portable radios for the EMS Division. These funds will allow us to complete the VIPER replacement program.
  • Approval for Facilities to move forward with replacing two hot water heaters at the Detention Center. Dail Mechanical has been awarded the bid from the recent RFP.
  • Adoption of a Resolution requesting North Carolina Department of Transportation reduce the speed limit on SR 1289 (Seminole Road).
  • Approval of the ARPA/CSLFRF Property Management Policy in order to ensure that all projects utilizing American Rescue Plan Act/Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (ARPA/CSLFRF) monies will be implemented in compliance with federal Uniform Guidance requirements.
  • Approval for Development Services to update the Grow Harnett County 2015 Comprehensive Plan. The plan will assess current and emerging conditions in order to develop land use concepts and policies for coherent growth. A consulting firm will be chosen to assess inventory, analyze the data, and synthesize the information to form the essential comprehensive plan elements: Land Use, Transportation, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Affordable Housing.
  • Approval of the Sheriff's Office request of a salary increase on select positions in the amount of 5% on November 16, 2022 and an additional 5% on March 16, 2022.
  • Approval for the IT Department to award the Fiber Optic Cable Installation Proposal to Performance Cabling Technologies. The bid amount of $118,991.52 will be funded by supplanted lost revenue ARP funds as approved by the board earlier this year.
  • Approval for the Sheriff's Office to accept grant funds awarded from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Specific grant funding sought for funding priority of COVID-19 Support for County Confinement Facilities. The grant award is for a funding period of June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2024 for an amount of $47,000 annually and $94,000 for the entire project over a 2-year period. Grant funds are to purchase COVID-19 testing kits for the local county jail. No local or match funding required.
  • Approval of the implementation of a decompressed pay scale for Harnett County Schools and the additional funding needed for implementation, and the approval of the Decompressed Scale, Option 3 and adoption of a budget ordinance. The funding for Fiscal Year 2023 includes:
    • Allowing the Harnett County Schools to use all expansion funding already provided by the County through current expense funding;
    • Providing an additional $700,000 in current expense funding to the schools (requires approval of attached budget amendment to appropriate fund balance); and Harnett County schools would use $700,000 of their fund balance.
    • The funding for Fiscal Year 2024 includes increasing the current expense appropriation to the schools by $850,000 (continues support of $700,000 and provides $150,000 for progressing through the grades and steps for experience).
  • Adoption of the proposed changes to the Dangerous Dog Committee Bylaws.
  • Appointments to Citizen Boards & Committees
    • Reappointment of Jonathan Pope for District 3 on the Board of Adjustment.
    • Appointment of Dr. Rose Smith-Williams as the Older Consumer Representative and Marvin Tawney with Harnett County Veteran's Services as the Harnett County Employee Representative to the Home and Community Block Grant Committee.
    • Acceptance of the resignation of Shirley Allen from the Mid-Carolina Aging Advisory Committee.
    • Reappointment of Dr. Amanda Langdon as the Veterinarian and reappointment of Dr. Kim Fowler for the Professional Engineer on the Board of Health.
    • Acceptance of the resignation of Tonya Gray on the Sandhills Center Board of Directors.

Next, Commissioners opened a public comment period for citizens to address the Board. There were three citizens to provide remarks on various topics.

Following the public comment period, Commissioners discussed a proposed zoning change from commercial to residential along Old US 421 in Upper Little River Township. This proposed zoning change was tabled from the October 17, 2022 meeting. Commissioners voted to approve this zoning change.

Budget Director Lisa McFadden then provided a presentation on the County’s Capital Improvement Program. A full version of this plan can be found at harnett.org/budget.

Next, Commissioners approved budget amendments as requested by the Finance Officer and tax rebates, refunds, and releases as requested by the Tax Administrator.

Last, County Manager Brent Trout provided his report, which included an update on the County’s strategic plan and performance management program, the Department of Social Services monthly report ,and interdepartmental budget amendments.  

The next County Commissioners regular meeting will be held on Monday, November 21 at 6:00 PM. You can watch this morning’s meeting in full by visiting Harnett County Government’s youtube channel or the Commissioners webpage at harnett.org/boc.

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