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Tuesday, November 22, 2022  |  Permalink

Commissioners November 21 Meeting Recap

Harnett County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting yesterday evening, November 21, in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Harnett County Resource Center and Library.

Commissioners kicked off the meeting approving several action items in the Consent Agenda. These action items included:

  • Approval of the November 7, 2022 regular meeting minutes;
  • Adoption of a Resolution requesting NCDOT to add Jenmar Drive and Traverse Drive in Heritage Haven to the State’s Secondary Road System;
  • Approval for the Department of Aging to accept additional funding from the Mid Carolina Area Agency on Aging in the amount of $5000. These funds will be used to help with Medicare Counseling and Outreach events;
  • Adoption of the American Rescue Plan Act and Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (ARPA/CSLFRF) Record Retention Policy. This policy specifically establishes standards in relation to documentation associated with ARP/CSLFRF funds. Uniform Guidance requires the County to maintain financial records, expenditure justifications, sub-award agreements, and other similar documentation relating to the implementation of ARP/CSLFRF funding for at least five years after all CSLFRF funds have been expended;
  • Adoption of the ARPA/CSLFRF Nondiscrimination Policy. This policy specifically establishes standards to ensure that projects completed with ARP/CSLFRF funds are aligned with federal policies relating to Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination. Section III establishes a reporting and enforcement process to ensure that instances of unfair treatment, in relation to the utilization of ARP/CSLFRF funds, may be reported and followed up with necessary action;
  • Adoption of the ARPA/CSLFRF Grant Project Ordinance and Ordinance Amendment. This Grant Project Ordinance has been created to establish a budget for projects utilizing ARPA/CSLFRF funds. Adopting this Grant Project Ordinance will allow the County to document the allocation of funds for each ARPA project with one running document. When funds are ready to be allocated to each project, Administration will present Amendments to this Ordinance. Approval of each amendment will give Administration the authority to move forward with the project. The first proposed Amendment to this Ordinance is to claim the Lost Revenue Replacement standard allowance of $10,000,000. This will be used to reimburse the County for staff salaries, which will then allow the County to allocate displaced funding to the other projects that have been/will be approved by the Board;
  • Approval of Harnett Regional Water’s 4th Quarter of 2021 Write-offs. All of these accounts have been delinquent for more than three years and total $14,675.54. The facilitation of these write-offs is an important step in a continuing effort to effectively manage collections and bad debt. HRW is currently using the Local Government Debt Setoff Program and On-Line Collections, Inc. to help collect our delinquent accounts;
  • Approval of the Electronic Records and Imaging Policy;
  • Approval of the Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services between the Town of Angier and County of Harnett;
  • Approval of the conveyance of the Monroe Lane Property (PIN #0598-42-0907.000) to Paula White of 348 Monroe Lane, Erwin;
  • Approval of the Jetport Capital Project ordinance amendments; and
  • Approval of the following changes to citizen appointed boards and committees:
    • Resignation of Dotty Womack, District 4, on the Harnett County Public Library Board of Trustees.
    • Appointment of Dotty Womack as the Boone Trail Representative for this board.
    • Appointment of Ethan Alexander-Davey, as District 4 representative on the Harnett County Public Library Board of Trustees.
    • Resignation of Ricky Ray, Business/Tourism Related – District H representative on the Harnett County District H Tourism Development Authority.
    • Appointment of Evan Budrovich for the vacant seat on the District H representative on the Harnett County District H Tourism Development Authority.

Next, Commissioners opened a public comment period for citizens to address the Board. There were three citizens to provide remarks on various topics.

Following the public comment period, Commissioners opened a public hearing for a proposed Land Use Map Amendment. The applicant requested a Land Use Map Amendment from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential along NC 210 North and North Harnett School Road in the Black River Township. There were six citizens to provide remarks. Commissioners voted to deny this amendment request.

Commissioners then opened a second public hearing for a proposed zoning change from residential to commercial at the intersection of NC 27 W, Buffalo Lake Road, and Barbecue Church Road in the Barbecue Township. There was one citizen to provide remarks. Commissioners voted to approve this zoning change.

Next, a public input session was opened for citizens to provide comments on the County’s proposed FY 2024-2030 Capital Improvements Plan. There were three citizens to provide remarks.

Following this public input session, Commissioners voted to table a resolution to discontinue membership with the Southeastern Economic Development Commission until the March 6, 2023 regular meeting.

Commissioners then voted to terminate Talbert & Bright’s work authorization for the Jetport Terminal Construction Project and to issue a work authorization with Parrish & Partners for the Jetport Terminal Construction Project.

Next, Commissioners approved budget amendments as requested by the Finance Officer and tax rebates, refunds, and releases as requested by the Tax Administrator.

Last, County Manager Brent Trout provided his report, which included the Veterans Services activity report, Department of Public Health activities summary, interdepartmental budget amendments, and the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer Retirement System Division – Contribution-Based Benefit Cap report.  

The next County Commissioners regular meeting will be held on Monday, December 5 at 9:00 AM. You can watch last night’s meeting in full by visiting Harnett County Government’s youtube channel or the Commissioners webpage at harnett.org/boc.

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