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No-Till Grain Drill Rental

In order to promote increased use of conservation tillage as a method of protecting both soil and water quality, the Harnett SWCD has two no-till drills that are available for rent to farmers and landowners within Harnett County.

Be sure to call in advance to make your reservation. Both machines stay busy during the peak of both fall and spring planting seasons.

No-till planting involves planting into a seedbed that has not been plowed or that was previously planted with a cover crop with the plant residue remaining. By using the no-till method, only a small portion of the seedbed is disturbed. This reduces the liklihood that erosion will occur and conserves moisure in the seedbed. The use of no-till planting only requires one trip accross the field, which can lead to savings in fuel costs and reduced soil compaction.
Additional conservation tillage benefits include:
  • Reduced soil loss
  • Reduced loss of valuable soil nutrients
  • Improves water quality
  • Increases soil organic matter
  • Increases soil moisture
  • Improves physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Great Plains 706NT Drill Details

Planting Width - 7 feet

Total Width - 9 feed 10 inches

Row Spacing - 7.5 inches

Number of Openers - 10

Planting Depth Range - 0 to 3.5 inches

Empty Weight - 3,900 pounds

Length - 13 feet 10 inches

Height - 7 feet

Grain Box Capacity - 1 bushel

Grass Seed Box Capcity - 2.5 bushels

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