Harnett County,
North Carolina

Social Services 

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Management Team

Paul Polinski, Director

Kelly Kelly, Deputy Director

Donna M. Wigglesworth, Administrative Assistant II

Cynthia Harris, Administrative Support

Arlease Hill-Johnson , Income Maintenance Administrator

Traci Haire, Adult Medicaid Supervisor

Britta Nipper, Adult Medicaid Supervisor

Lynn Blalock, Adult Mediciad Supervisor

Susan Dupree, Children's Medicaid Supervisor

Lori Craven, Children's Medicaid Supervisor

Tracie LeCesne, Children's Medicaid Supervior

Gwen Speas, Food Stamp Supervisor

Rose Lee, Food Stamp Supervisor

Morgan Spears, Food Stamp Supervior

Becky Wise, Adult Services Program Manager

Edwin Bass, Adult Services Supervisor

Lianna Simmons, Work First Family Assistance/Child Care Supervisor

Gale McLean, Child Protective Services Supervisor

Virginia Smith, Children's Services Manager - Foster Care & Adoption

Lisa Hinson, Children's Services Manager - Child Protection Services

Wendy Butcher, Placement/Adoption Supervisor

Terri Crisp, Child Protective Services Supervisor

April Fowler, Child Protective Services Supervisor

Duncan McCormick, Agency Attorney

Jillian Leslie, Agency Attorney (Child Support)

Angela H. Warren, Child Support Program Manager

Latessia Greene, Child Support Supervisor II

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