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Frequently Asked Questions About 2022 Tax Reappraisal

Q: What does the term "Revaluation" or "Reappraisal" mean?

A: Revaluation or Reappraisal means that the local tax officials and/or Reappraisal Firm are "reassessing" or "rechecking" the value of real property in Harnett County. They are trying to equalize the tax value and the market value. Reappraisal does not include personal property. The tax officials don’t create the values; the values are determined by transactions that occur in the marketplace. The Tax Office simply has the legal responsibility to study those transactions and appraise your property accordingly.

Q: What is market value?

A: Market value is the most probable price, which a property should bring in a competitive and open market.

Q: Why is a Reappraisal being done in 2022?

A: The North Carolina General Statutes require that every county complete the reappraisal process at intervals of no more than eight years. Based on the recommendation of the NC Department of Revenue, the Harnett County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to move to a four year reappraisal cycle. The last reappraisal in Harnett County was in 2017. Due to time limitations, the Reappraisal was moved from 2021 to 2022.

Q: Why are field appraisers visiting my property?

A: Revaluation is a lengthy process that takes about two to three years to complete. Currently, Harnett County has over 69,000 parcels. The County has contracted with Vincent Valuations, a private Reappraisal Firm, to conduct the 2022 reappraisal which includes a full measure and list of all real properties. As part of this process, field appraisers will visit every parcel in the county. As they approach your home, they will knock on the door, wait for a response; knock again, then leave a 'door hanger' which contains information on why they are there; then they will proceed to measure the structure and photograph the property. Each site visit only takes a few minutes (avg of 10-15 min) depending on the size of the structure and number of outbuildings on the property. You do NOT have to be home for the field appraiser to collect the information he needs.

Q: Does the field appraiser need to enter my home?

A: No, they do NOT need to come inside your home. They may, however, ask some questions concerning number of bedrooms and baths. During home visits, appraisers verify square footage by measuring the structure and look for changes such as room additions, decks, and outbuildings. They will also take photographs of the structures on each property.

Q: What is the current status of the 2022 Reappraisal process?

A: The 2022 reappraisal is in the process of data collection and field work. This part of the process started in Summer 2019 and will continue to Spring of 2021. Data collection includes door to door field work with a member of the Reappraisl Team visiting each property in the County.

Q: How can I identify a Reappraisal Team Member?

A: Each member of the Reappaisal Team is wearing a neon Harnett County safety vest with "Reappraisal Team" on the back. They have Harnett County issued Identification badges and Harnett County magnets on their vehicles. Note: They are driving private vehicles, but the County issued magnet should be attached on their vehicle. They are also carrying property record cards for collecting data and 'door hangers' with contact information for any concerns or questions. If you need to verify the identification of a field appraiser, please contact the Tax Department at 910-814-6920. There are currently 16 field appraisers working in Harnett County.

Q: When will I receive my new value?

A: Property Owners will receive notices informing them of their new property values in the Spring 2022. The notice will include the property description and the new tax value.

Q: Does higher property value mean higher property taxes?

A: Residents should not make any assumptions about taxes just because of the new property value. The actual amount of taxes due will be based on the new property tax rate, which will be set no later than June 30, 2022. Once the new property tax rate is set, residents will be able to compute property taxes based on the reappraisal.

Q: When will my taxes be due?

A: Tax bills are normally mailed in August and are due September 1 each year. Taxpayers have until January 5 to pay tax bills without incurring interest.

Q: What if I don’t agree with the new value of my property?

A: If you believe the value placed on your real property is not the true market value in accordance with the adopted Schedule of Values, you can appeal by using our online portal. Information and instructions will be located on your assessment notice.  You must complete and submit this information to the Tax Department within 30 days of the date of the notice.  Once we have completed our review, you will receive a second notice with our decision.  This is considered an Assessor’s Review.

Q: Can I appeal beyond the informal review?

A: Yes. Following the informal review, if you still do not agree with the value, a taxpayer may request to have a hearing before the Board of Equalization and Review. This five-member board will review the case again and make a decision. After the Board of Equalization and Review, taxpayers can appeal to the NC Property Tax Commission. Further appeals go to the NC Court of Appeals, then to the NC Supreme Court if necessary.

Q: What is a "Schedule of Values"?

A: The Schedule of Values (SOV) is a set of standards and rules for appraising property within Harnett County. These standards and rules assure that all property will be appraised in a uniform and fair manner. Once the 2022 Schedule of Values has been completed, it will be advertised and presented for public review in the Fall of 2021. After the statutory time for review, the new SOV will be adopted by the Harnett County Board of Commissioners.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the current Schedule of Values?

A: Click on the following link for a pdf of the current 2017 Schedule of Values: 2017 SOV

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: You can contact the Harnett County Tax Department at 910-893-7521 or you may email your question to taxinfo@harnett.org.

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