Harnett County,
North Carolina

County Manager's Office 

County Administration Staff

County Administration Staff

Paula Stewart, County Manager

Duties and Responsiblities:
The County Manager is the chief administrator of the County. This position is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serves at the Board's discretion. The major duties of the County Manager include supervising and coordinating the activities of the County departments for the Board; seeing that all orders and policies of the Board are carried out; making recommendations on appropriate matters of business; recommending an annual budget and advising the Board on the financial condition of the County; representing the County in business matters with other parties, and performing other duties assigned by the Board.

Brian Haney, Assistant County Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:
Incorporated into the Manager's Office is the Deputy County Manager. The Assistant County Manager works with the County Manager in performing all assigned duties. Other job responsibilities include duties assigned by the County Manager.

Administration Employees:

VacantAssistant County Manager

Shannon Eason, Executive Assistant

Gina Wheeler, Clerk to the Board

Board of Commissioners
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