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Health Department Offers Free Mosquito Insecticide:

Larvicides are products to help control mosquitoes, they work by killing mosquito larvae. The Health Department is providing free mosquito insecticide to county residents. The briquettes, also known as “Mosquito Dunks” which are round-shaped product that are placed in water, where it floats. Each dunk will be effective for 30 days in standing water and will cover 100 square feet of surface. It can be used in bird baths, flower pots, drainage ditches, aquatic gardens, decorative ponds, and other areas where standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Printed instructions on how to use this product will be provided. In addition, the Health Department is encouraging residents to eliminate standing water to decrease mosquito populations. For more information contact the Health Department at 910-893-7547 or 910-893-7550 or click on the title to view the “Tip and Toss” brochure.

Summer Camps reduce the risk of Bat Exposure

The summer camp season is coming and brings with it increased opportunities for campers to observe and interact with nature but also poses the potential for exposure to wildlife and their diseases. Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. Exposures to bats are implicated in about one to two human deaths due to rabies in the United States each year. Rabies is transmitted through direct contact with a rabid bat, through a bite or scratch from a rabid animal, or if saliva from a rabid animal comes in contact with a mucous membrane or open wound. For more information on BATS: Safety and Risk Management at Camp click here or on the title or call the Environmental Health Division of the Health Department at 910-893-7547.

Healthy and Safe Swimming Week 2017

Pools, waterparks, hot tubs/spas, and water playgrounds are great places to have fun, be active, or just relax, but the pool is the last place you should be if you are sick with diarrhea. Just one diarrheal incident in the water can release millions of germs. We all share the water we swim in, so follow these tips from the CDC to stay healthy and safe this summer: Don’t swim and don’t let children swim when sick with diarrhea. Don’t swallow the water. Shower before you get in the water. Rinsing off in the shower for just 1 minute helps get rid of any germs that may be on your body. Take kids on bathroom breaks. Check diapers, and change them in a bathroom or diaper-changing area–not poolside–to keep germs away from the pool . For more information and other tips to stay healthy and safe in the water, click on the title.

Summer Grilling-Food Safety

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, and many families will take out their grills for cookouts, camping, road trips and other activities that involve food. As you welcome summer at your Memorial Day weekend take the necessary precautions to protect your family from foodborne illness by using safe steps in food handling, cooking and storage which are essential in preventing food borne illnesses and keeping your family and friends safe. Just as with cooking indoors, there are important steps that should be followed to ensure that your grilled food reaches the table safely. If you’re planning to grill this holiday weekend click on the title to view Grill it Safe card.

May is Stroke Awareness Month

May is recognized as Stroke Awareness Month. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. It is also a leading cause of serious long-term disability. On average, one stroke occurs every 40 seconds. A stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. Death or permanent disability can result. Stroke is a medical emergency. For more information on stroke and its warning signs, click on the title.

Mobile Mammography: Early Detection Saves Lives!

Mammography screening remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. When breast cancer is found early, chances of survival are higher. A mammogram is an X-ray picture of the breast and is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early. The Health Department provides access to mobile mammography screenings in partnership with Rex Mobile Mammography. Screenings will be held on June 13, 2017. Pre-registration is required. For an application see the Downloads Box or call 910-814-6197 or 910-893-7550.

2016 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Public health agencies in North Carolina are required to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) once every three to four years. This CHA is intended to describe the current health status of the community, what has changed since the past assessment, and what still needs to change to improve the health of the community. The 2016 Community Health Assessment (CHA) team included the Harnett County Department of Public Health, Harnett Health System, Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Department of Public Health, Healthy Harnett, the Healthy Carolinians partnership for Harnett County. Click on the title to view the first section and to view the Appendix to this document see the Downloads box below. For more information contact our office at 910-893-7550.

Consumer/Community Satisfaction Survey

Please consider completing our consumer/community satisfaction survey. This feedback helps us continually monitor or change our services to serve you better. Click on the title to access the survey in English. Click here for the Spanish survey.

Harnett County Health Department is on Facebook

Become a fan of Harnett County Health Department by visiting our Facebook Page. We update our page with upcoming events and programs, photos, health news and more. This is also a great way to interact with us. Click on the title to visit our page.

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