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Harnett County,
North Carolina

Emergency Medical Services 

Meet Our Staff

Emergency Services Administration
Vacant, Emergency Services Director
Work: 910-893-0700
Larry T. Smith, Deputy Emergency Services Director
Work: 910-893-0711
Brenda Stancil, Emergency Services Administrator
Work: 910-893-0721
Calla Godwin, Senior Administrative Support Specialist
Work: 910-893-0701
EMS Administration
Ricky Denning, Chief
Work: 910-893-0720
Dr. Erin Wirths, Medical Director
Work: 910-893-0728
West Barefoot, Assistant Chief - Training
Work: 910-893-0723
Heth West, Assistant Chief - Logistics
Work: 910-893-0724
Amy Hennings, Transportation Coordinator
Work: 910-893-0722
Pamela Lowther, Training Captain
Work: 9108930729
A - Shift Operations Administration Staff
Alex Belanovich, Assistant Chief - Operations (A-Shift)
Work: 910-893-0725
Christina Williams, District Chief (A-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
Brandon Nordan, District Chief (A-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
B - Shift Operations Administration Staff
Lee Fowler, Assistant Chief - Operations (B-Shift)
Work: 910-893-0726
Jan Snipes, District Chief (B-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
Andy Owens, District Chief (B-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
C - Shift Operations Administration Staff
Chris Hendges, Assistant Chief - Operations (C-Shift)
Work: 910-893-0727
Justin Saunders, District Chief (C-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
Deana Macklin, District Chief (C-Shift)
Work: 910-893-7563
Danny Tadlock, A-Shift Lieutenant 
Jon Gurney, A-Shift Lieutenant 
Shannon Fink, A-Shift Lieutenant 
Cory Nunnery, B-Shift Lieutenant 
Kenny Lorkiewicz, B-Shift Lieutenant 
Morgan Langdon, B-Shift Lieutenant 
Daniel Bristow, C-Shift Lieutenant 
Corey Taylor, C-Shift Lieutenant 
Glenn Wester, C-Shift Lieutenant 
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