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Services and Programs Offered: Coordinate local, state, and federal resources, both human and material to limit damages and expedite recovery from both manmade and natural disasters; provide public awareness education program; provide training to the community's disaster organizations in emergency services and operations. Cause and origin investigation of fires and arson. Coordination of the county fire and rescue districts in order to develop a comprehensive emergency services system within the county. Conducts fire inspections in every building in the county, according to state fire code. Implementation of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code. Fire education programs for community services groups, senior citizens, etc...


The Harnett County Office of Emergency Services is committed to establishing and maintaining a progressive Emergency Services Organization that is based on the Principles of Teamwork, Cooperation, Mutual Respect and an Awareness of the needs of our Community and its Citizens.



To protect the citizens and environment of Harnett County from the effects of disasters and emergencies through a unified and comprehensive emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery by local, State, and Federal partners, private industry and volunteer organizations.


Harnett County EMS Divisions Mission is to coordinate, develop, improve and maintain a comprehensive and dynamic emergency medical services system to prevent and reduce premature death and disability. This system shall be integrated within the entire health care network. The emergency medical services system will ensure prompt, effective and unimpeded service to all residents and visitors of Harnett County.


The Harnett County Fire Marshal’s Division is committed to providing our community with a professional fire and life safety program through comprehensive fire protection plan reviews, informative occupancy inspections, effective fire and life safety code enforcement, and definitive fire origin and cause investigations in order to reduce the loss of life and property of the citizens of Harnett County. We will strive to maintain an unmatched level of professionalism and support to our community.

Important Announcements
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Fireworks Permit Application Process Change 2019

Fireworks Permit Application Process Change 2019

All fireworks permit applications processed by our office must be approved by the Harnett County Board of Commissioners per General Statute. Please allow 21-30 days for your application to process. We must place all applications on the Boards agenda and there are time constraints involved in the process.

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Changes to Reverse 911 / County Mass Notification System

Important update: Due to recent changes in our Reverse 911 / County Mass Notification System, (System where we can send out critical information by landline or cellular phone to the county) We have had to change systems. Anyone that has ever registered for our previous reverse 911 must re-register with our new site. Anyone that has never previously registered that is wishing to add your mobile phone to this system must register as well.


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Fire Prevention Activities for Kids

Fire Prevention Activities for Kids

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Emergency Reporting Website

Click on the link to access Harnett County's web based Fire reporting software.

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Harnett County E-Plan
This is the link to the Harnett County All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.

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