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Wednesday, July 5, 2017  |  Permalink

Harnett Commissioners Approve $2.2 million in Additional Teacher Supplements in 2017-18 Budget

Harnett County’s 2017-18 budget includes an additional $2.2 million in supplements for the county’s teachers. The budget, which was adopted by the Harnett County Board of Commissioners during its June 19 meeting, went into effect July 1, 2017.

The expenditure will provide classroom and certified teachers with Harnett County Schools with an additional $1,500 over the supplement provided by the school system, and will make the overall supplement provided for Harnett County teachers more competitive with other counties in the region.

This is the second straight year the Board of Commissioners has offered an additional supplement for the county’s teachers following an expansion of county sales tax dollars by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2016. The additional sales tax allocation must be spent on education, community colleges or economic development.

The goal of the supplement increase is to retain and attract quality teachers in Harnett County Schools.

“We are committed to retaining the fine teachers we have in our schools,” said County Commissioners Chairman Gordon Springle. “We believe this supplement increase demonstrates that we value quality teachers and the critical role they play in educating our children and preparing them to be future leaders in Harnett County.”

The additional supplement will be paid to teachers who were working for Harnett County Schools as of September 1, 2016, and will be paid when the school system issues regular supplement payments.

Harnett County’s 2017-18 budget increased the County’s allotment for Harnett County Schools by a total of $4.78 million over the previous year’s expenditure. In addition to paying for the increased supplements, the enhanced allocation will fund additional teachers to reduce classroom sizes, along with the county’s first early college program in Dunn and additional school capital purchases.

The County also sold $29.5 million in bonds to finance construction of the new Benhaven Elementary School in Western Harnett Industrial Park, expansion of the Overhills High School cafeteria, and renovations to the existing Benhaven Elementary School to accommodate early college programming in western Harnett County.

“Education continues to be one of Harnett County’s highest priorities and the 2017-18 budget is indicative of that,” said Harnett County Manager Joseph Jeffries.

To view the Harnett County 2017-18 budget, go to http://www.harnett.org/boc/downloads/2017-18Budget.pdf.