Lost & Found Animals

Rabies tags, tattoos and microchips are used to aid in returning lost pets to their owners. Lost animals that do not have the proper identification need to be helped also. This page is designed for such assistance purposes.

If you have lost your pet, or have found a pet please use our online form to submit your information. If possible, please attach a photo. These photos will not be displayed on the site but if a possibility does arrive, we will show the photo to anyone inquiring about the animal. You can also call us at (910) 814-2952, and we will be glad to take your report by phone.

Your personal information will not be available to the public. If there is an animal in question, we will coordinate contact between the two parties. Only then, with your permission, will we give out any personal information.

Currently, there are no lost and found animals.
Please email support if you believe this message has been received in error.