Harnett County Legal Department provides legal services for Harnett County Government. The Legal Department advises and represents the County in all legal matters except in situations where certain County departments have their own counsel and unusual situations where it is determined to be in the best interest of the County to retain outside counsel.

Dwight W. Snow is the County Attorney and serves as the principal legal advisor to the Board of Commissioners. Mr. Snow provides legal services in civil legal matters to the County. Mr. Snow is responsible for rendering legal opinions upon request to County Commissioners, the County Manager, certain boards and department heads. Mr. Snow is in private practice and is on retainer with the County.

The Staff Attorney serves in a role that is similar to that of an in-house corporate counsel. Working in collaboration with Mr. Snow, the Staff Attorney provides legal services to assist the County in providing many public services, such as enforcing county ordinances, negotiating leases and contracts, defending lawsuits and commencing legal actions on behalf of the County. The Staff Attorney does not represent nor give legal advice to citizens about private disputes or problems, but will endeavor to provide information and assistance in response to citizen inquiries concerning matters in which the County is a party or in some way directly involved.

If you have received a citation from the School Bus Safety program you should reach out to the Call Center at (877) 504-7080.

The phone number for Legal Aid of North Carolina is (866) 219-5262.