Community Development's mission is to seek activities, investments, funding, and partnerships that help provide basic services which make Harnett County communities more livable and sustainable by improving the quality of life for citizens. 

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Utilities Access Program

Utilities Access Program

Program is to assist low-income to very-low-income home owners access to water by waiving the HRW tap fee. This is not a electrical/water payment assistance program. Read more

2022 Essential Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Program

Triangle J Council of Governments assist Harnett County in providing rehabilitation of moderately deteriorated homes that are owned and occupied by lower-income, special need households through a loan program from the North … Read more

Rehabilitation Resources

Other resources for home repair assistance. Read more

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USDA Rural Development - Home Preservation Grant (HPG24)

USDA Rural Development - Home Preservation Grant (HPG24)

Who can apply? HPG24 Application Packet Application Deadline: March 15, 2024 Read more