To schedule maintenance for a county vehicle, call the Fleet Maintenance shop at 910-893-7517 to schedule an appointment. Please park vehicle on the left side of the parking lot for service; leave a note inside the car with service/maintenance needs. The vehicle will be parked on the right side of the parking lot when service/maintenance is complete.

Reminder, please clean vehicles of all trash, debris and equipment prior to dropping vehicle off for service. This allows easier access for our staff to assess and service each vehicle.

There is an inspection sticker on the top left interior corner of the vehicle windshield with the inspection date. If there is no sticker, vehicle inspections should be completed annually on all county vehicles during the last three months of the year (October, November, December).

Oil changes are due every 5,000 mies. There is an oil change sticker with dates inside the driver's door jam of each county vehicle.

Contact your supervisor or the vehicle contact for your deparment. They will notify the Fleet Manager if the fuel card needs to be reissued.

Please contact the Fleet Manager or Fleet Maintenance Supervisor if you have surplus vehicles or equipment to sell on GovDeals. Vehicles will need to be cleaned out (remove any and all trash, equipment, tools, etc.) prior to Fleet staff taking photos and listing the vehicle or equipment for auction on GovDeals.