Strategic Plan

2032 Strategic Plan

In February 2022, Harnett County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the County's inagural Strategic Plan. Harnett County’s 2032 Strategic Plan is designed to provide a clear vision for the future along with direction for turning that vision into a reality.

The Plan includes five Strategic Goals that reflect the County’s priorities for the next three years. Goal statements define what the organization intends to accomplish and lays out a path to follow in order to realize the vision. Each Goal includes a set of Objectives that further define the Goal, along with Key Strategic Actions that should be undertaken in the coming year to make progress toward the County's Objectives.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will also be developed following Strategic Plan adoption that will assist the County in tracking progress toward accomplishing each Goal. This plan will allow us to move forward together in one direction for the betterment of Harnett County and all of its citizens.

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