Renee Whittenton
Harnett County Clerk of Superior Court

Welcome to the website for the Harnett County courts located in Lillington, North Carolina.

The information contained in this page is designed to help provide information regarding the functions, services and programs of the courts held in Harnett County. Harnett County serves Superior Court District 12, a two-county district that includes Harnett and Lee Counties and District 12, for District Court, a three-county district including Harnett, Johnston and Lee Counties.

It is our hope that all of the procedural information on this website regarding judicial processes and access to court records will be helpful to you. It is very important that you realize the information contained on our website is not intended as legal advice. By North Carolina General Statute, the Clerk of Superior Court is prohibited from practicing law; therefore, you should contact an attorney for specific advice regarding your legal situation.

The judicial offices, staff, agencies and volunteers of this county are guided by the following mission statement:

To provide accessible justice to the citizens and residents of Harnett County and surrounding communities so that the rights and liberties of all people are protected, as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and North Carolina. 


** By Order of the Court, effective April 18, 2016, no cell phones will be allowed inside the Harnett County Courthouse **