What is eCourts?


eCourts is a package of new software applications and technology infrastructure improvements that will transition our court system from paper to digital. The major components include the following:

  • eFiling: web-based platform for electronic filing of documents
  • Odyssey: digital integrated case management system (ICMS)
  • Portal: public website access for viewing records and making payments
  • Guide & File: assists users in creating basic legal documents
  • File & Serve: assists users in filing and serving legal documents
  • Attorney Manager (DA): case management platform for District Attorneys
  • Attorney Manager (PD): case management platform for Public Defenders
  • eDiscovery: platform enabling District Attorneys to share digital evidence
  • eWarrants: electronic warrant repository
  • Brazos: electronic citation platform
  • CRAVE: courtroom audio visual enhancements
  • Financial Manager: financial management system for Clerks of Court
  • eCourtNet: infrastructure overhauls and security upgrades

Although many of these components have already been successfully implemented statewide, most users will primarily engage with eFiling, Portal, and Odyssey, which will be phased in over a two-year period after go-live which is set for first quarter 2023.



  • Provides 24/7 statewide service to all Judicial Branch employees, attorneys, and public users
  • Provides web-based access to court records and documents
  • Streamlines court administration
  • Provides greater case management ability
  • Enhances disaster recovery (fire and flooding)
  • Reduces paper forms
  • Increases access to justice and the courts
  • Facilitates remote testimony through increased audio/video capabilities
    • Out of town witnesses, experts, and other witnesses can testify virtually
    • Law enforcement can appear virtually for testimony or warrant applications
    • Victims of violence or abuse can testify virtually, reducing the trauma of being in the same room as their abuser
    • Inmates can appear virtually reducing travel and costs and safety concerns for sheriffs and corrections officials