Duke Energy Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy owns and operates a nuclear power plant located in just inside Wake County in New Hill, NC. The location makes Harnett County a Harris Nuclear Plant risk county. Harnett County Emergency Management staff maintain emergency plans, conduct training events, simulations, exercises and coordinate closely with Duke Energy, neighboring risk counties, the State of North Carolina, and various federal agencies to prepare us for an emergency event involving this nuclear plant.  In the unlikely event of an emergency at the Harris Nuclear Power Plant, Harnett County Emergency Management would coordinate activities to warn, notify, and protect the public. This notification will be made through social media, warning sirens, television and radio broadcasts and/or emergency vehicle speakers.



Sirens are the primary outdoor warning system for alerting the public of an emergency. In the unlikely event of an emergency to the nuclear station, Duke Energy would immediately notify federal, state and local authorities. These authorities could activate pole-mounted sirens located throughout the station's 10-mile EPZ. If you hear a loud, steady sound coming from one of the sirens around the nuclear station, it DOES NOT mean to evacuate. The siren means that you should tune to a local radio or TV station. These stations will carry an emergency alert information (EAS) message from local officials to give you information and instructions on what to do. In addition to outdoor sirens, police and fire units may also patrol the affected areas to sound their sirens and make an announcement on their speakers. When you hear a siren, we recommend you check with your neighbors to ensure they are aware of the situation, especially neighbors who may have special needs.

Remember, hearing a siren does not mean you should evacuate. It simply means to tune to a local radio or television station for information. If sirens are sounding and you do not see or hear a message on radio or television, contact your county's emergency management office.

Please note: Regularly scheduled siren testing takes place on Wednesdays. Additional testing may occur at other times as part of ongoing maintenance.



These radio stations will participate in EAS announcements in the event of an emergency. If you hear several three-minute long siren blasts, tune to one of the following stations for information:

  • 94.7 WQDR-FM
  • 105.1 WDCG-FM
  • NOAA Weather Radio - All Hazards
  • Other local radio and television stations may broadcast information and instructions in an emergency




In the event of an emergency, officials will announce specific instructions for the different zones. If there was an emergency at the nuclear station, it is unlikely everyone within the 10-mile EPZ would be affected. The areas affected would depend on weather conditions and the nature of the emergency. The northwest area of Harnett County located in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone is designated as "Zone H" on the map. Upon the unlikely event that "Zone H" is asked to evacuate, it is important that you go to a designated reception center/evacuation shelter, even if you do not plan to stay there.   For Harnett County residents who reside in "Zone H", Harnett Central Middle School serves as the Reception Center/Evacuation Center in the event an evacuation is ordered. If you are not instructed to evacuation, stay off the roads to ensure emergency personnel can readily respond.




For information on preparedness, sirens, and/or emergency broadcasts, visit Duke Energy's Harris Nuclear Preparedness website.

If you are not sure whether you are located in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone in Harnett County, visit Duke Energy’s EPZ

If you would like information about Potassium Iodide Distribution in the County, visit the Harnett Health Department KI webpage.