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Harnett County Library System Celebrates National Library Week

Monday, April 8, 2024

Harnett County Library System Celebrates National Library Week

National Library Week, April 7-14, 2024, is a time to invite the community to join the celebration of libraries, library staff, and the various offerings that libraries provide.

“This year we are embracing the theme Ready, Set, Library to highlight how our library connects and enriches our community in countless ways, even beyond the physical space of our library building,” said Morgan Gleason, Harnett County Public Library Community Engagement Coordinator.

Harnett County Library System is comprised of eight library locations:

  • Harnett County Public Library, Lillington
  • Angier Public Library
  • Coats Public Library
  • Dunn Public Library
  • Erwin Public Library
  • Anderson Creek Public Library
  • Boone Trail Community Center and Library
  • Benhaven Community Center and Library

This week, the community is invited to dive in and learn more about the offerings of Harnett County library branches. The library branches provide programming for all ages, technology access and assistance, resume assistance, library meeting spaces, early literacy programs, notary services, technology classes, genealogical resources, and more.

“The library provides a variety of resources beyond just books,” said Angela McCauley, Harnett County Public Library Director. “We are a place for people to gather, a community hub, and for many people, we are a lifeline for their culture and social resources. The library has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their age, interests, or background,” said McCauley. 

The Harnett County Library System aims to strengthen the community and offer a welcoming space that fosters lifelong learning, literacy, and the exchange of ideas. Many of the services that the library offers are at no charge to the individual. 

The Harnett County Public Library System is offering a series of themed days designed to rally community support and spotlight library initiatives:

  • Monday, April 24: Right to Read Day – Advocate for the freedom to read.
  • Tuesday, April 25: National Library Workers Day – Acknowledge the invaluable efforts of our library staff.
  • Wednesday, April 26: National Library Outreach Day, – Celebrate our library professionals' outreach efforts within the community.
  • Thursday, April 27: Take Action for Libraries Day, – A Day dedicated to rallying support for libraries everywhere.

Here's how you can join in on the fun:

  1. Ready: Engage with the library on social media. Share library love stories, favorite reads, or how the library has impacted you!
  2. Set: Check out a variety of programs scheduled throughout the week. There's something for everyone!
  3. Library: If you haven't yet, National Library Week is the perfect time to get your library card. Join a community of readers and explorers.

Discover everything the Harnett County Public Library has to offer. From digital resources and beloved classics to discovering new favorites. 

Stay up to date with all things library by visiting Let's make this National Library Week memorable together!


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