Harnett County Seeks Input On Establishment of a Farmers Market 

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Harnett County has grown by approximately 24% from 2010 to 2022.   With this increase comes the challenge of ensuring communities have access to healthy fresh food products.   

Harnett County is working on a plan to support a local farmers market program and local foods system.  Surveys have been created to help gauge public interest in the establishment of a centralized Harnett farmers market and programming to support a strong local foods system.   

Agricultural production remains a strong source of revenue within the County with Harnett ranking 17th out of North Carolina’s 100 counties.  Harnett farmers produce a wide variety of commodities including traditional row crops, livestock and poultry in addition to vegetables, berries and cut flowers on greater than 59,000 acres of harvested land.

Citizen participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and will be used to help guide future agricultural planning and programming efforts within Harnett County. 

In addition, local farmers that produce commodities for off farm sale are asked to also complete the Agricultural Producers survey to provide your interest level in participation and other guiding information important for project consideration. 

Both surveys are available online and in print.  Survey responses are anonymous.  Data is being both collected and analyzed by Harnett County Government’s agricultural services staff. 


Online Surveys

Harnett County Citizen Survey

Harnett County Agricultural Producer Survey – any farmer that produces agricultural products for off farm sale.  Local handmade crafts are also welcome. 


Printed Surveys are available at the following locations and can be returned on site:

  • Harnett County Agriculture Center – 126 Alexander Drive, Suite 200 Lillington (main lobby)
  • Harnett County Resource Center and Library – 455 McKinney Parkway, Lillington (first floor inside Library)


Additional information on this project is available by contacting the Harnett Soil and Water Conservation District at 910-893-7854 or Harnett Cooperative Extension at 910-893-7530.