Development Review Board

 Current Agenda

The Harnett County Development Review Board (DRB) is an administrative board that reviews development applications. All major subdivisions and multifamily developments, as well as commercial site plans in the Highway Corridor Overlay District are reviewed by this board. The DRB is made up of five (5) member departments: Fire Marshal, E911/Addressing, Planning, Public Utilities, Environmental Health, and Engineering.

The DRB meets on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. in the Development Services office, located at 420 McKinney PWKY, Lillington NC. Beginning with the first meeting in January, the DRB will meet every four (4) weeks. 

Applications to the DRB are reviewed and voted on according to compliance with applicable ordinances and policies. The following are votes granted by the DRB:

APPROVE: The application was deemed complete in every way. Applicant may now proceed to the next step in the development process.
CONDITIONALLY APPROVE: The application has minor errors, called 'Conditions', that must be fixed prior to proceeding. Revised applications should be submitted to the Planning Department and will be reviewed as time permits. Once all conditions have been met, the application is approved.
HOLD: The application has one or more major errors, or a number of minor errors. These errors will require another full review by the DRB. Applications must be submitted to the Planning Department in accordance with the application deadlines.
DENY: The application cannot be approved by the DRB.

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For more information on the Development Review Board, contact Jay Sikes or Meade Bradshaw