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Harnett County Paramedics win 2024 State Paramedic Competition

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Image of Langdon, Belanovich, MurphyHarnett County Paramedics District Chief Morgan Langdon and Assistant Chief Jonathan Murphy were named 2024 State Paramedic Competition winners of the 32nd annual North Carolina Paramedic Competition.

On Saturday, April 28, six paramedic teams from across the state traveled to Greensboro for the North Carolina Emergency Medical Services Expo and the opportunity to compete for the title of top paramedic team.

Hundreds of peers filled the Joseph S. Koury Convention Center as they watched the competition. Teams had about 13 minutes to assess, treat, and stabilize victims and were graded on professionalism, knowledge, and clinical management as they faced life-like scenarios.

The winners were announced at the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Expo awards banquet on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. This is the first year that Harnett County has won the state competition.

“Securing the title of state paramedic champion is more than a victory; it's a tribute to the tireless commitment to lifesaving expertise, where every second counts and every action matters. It's not just a triumph of skill but a celebration of compassion and the unwavering resolve to be the lifeline in moments of crisis,” said Alex Belanovich, Chief of Harnett County Emergency Medical Services.

Chief Langdon has been a full-time paramedic with Harnett County since 2010. This is her third time participating in the state competition. Langdon and her previous competition partner District Chief Justin Saunders won regional sites in 2018 and 2019.

“Competing in the State Paramedic Competition over the years has undoubtedly contributed to my growth and development as a stronger provider. Each competition has offered a unique opportunity to test my skills, knowledge, and adaptability in simulated emergency scenarios. The challenges and feedback received from each competition have served as valuable learning opportunities, prompting me to continually strive for improvement and innovation in my practice,” said Langdon.

The team’s outstanding performance not only secured their position at the top but also showcased their dedication and excellence in the field. Langdon and Murphy have put in countless hours of training, improving their communication and efficiency, and practicing various scenarios. Image of group with award

Murphy has been in EMS for 12 years with the last 9 as a paramedic. He began his role with Harnett County in Fall 2021. This is his first year participating in the state competition.

“Competing in the competition isn’t just about the skills and the experience, it’s about pushing ourselves to be better every day,” said Murphy. “We are regularly running high-level scenarios and studying different protocols and pathologies. This prepares us for the competition but also helps us in real life. We hope that the knowledge and experience that we gain from preparing for the competition will help us for any call that may come up.”

Harnett County EMS is made up of highly trained and skilled providers, who are committed to delivering exceptional prehospital care.

“Jonathan and I could not have won this championship without the dedicated support and time from our Administration team, training department, and families/friends. The support and family atmosphere at Harnett County Emergency Services is what makes us all such a strong team,” said Langdon.

Through comprehensive education for all providers within their department, Harnett County Emergency Services aspires to uphold and enhance the emergency medical services system.

Chief Belanovich’s vision for their department is to evolve continually, striving to prevent and minimize premature death and disability within the community.

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