Healthy Harnett -a Healthy Carolinians Partnership

Health Priorities

The community health priorities identified include the following health concerns to be addressed over the next three years which align with county residents input.

Harnett County’s CHA health priorities are

  1. Behavioral Health (including substance use disorder and overdose prevention)
  2. Chronic Disease 
  3. Motor Vehicle Injuries.

Community members have rated these concerns as significant with regard to the urgency, severity, and feasibility of improvement efforts

Next Steps:

As this report is now completed, several next steps are needed to move the CHA from assessment to action:

  1. Results from the 2022 Community Health Assessment will be disseminated to the community via online access, community organizations, media, and promotion through partnerships.
  2. Action plans outlining evidence-based strategies to address the county’s health priorities will be developed and submitted to the state.
  3. An annual State of the County's Health Report will be compiled and released to provide timely updates on health indicators related to our community and the work surrounding our health priorities.  To view a copy of the 2021 State of the County's Health Report. 

For more information please call the Harnett County Health Department 910-893-7550 and ask for the Health Education Division.