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Protect Your Kidneys

March is designated National Kidney Month to raise awareness about the prevention and early detection of kidney disease.Take steps to help keep your kidneys healthy. For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site.

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day

Each year, World TB Day is observed on March 24. World TB Day provides the opportunity to raise awareness about TB-related problems and solutions and to support TB-control efforts. The theme "Find TB. Treat TB. Working together to eliminate TB." to highlight that TB is still a life-threatening problem in the United States, despite the declining number of TB cases. For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site.

Prescription Painkiller Overdoses

Nearly 15,000 people die every year of overdoses involving prescription painkillers. Deaths from drug overdose have been rising steadily over the past two decades and have become the leading cause of injury death in the United States. Every day in the United States, 120 people die as a result of drug overdose, and another 6,748 are treated in emergency departments (ED) for the misuse or abuse of drugs. Nearly 9 out of 10 poisoning deaths are caused by drugs. For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) web site.

Mind Your Meds: Safeguard Medicine in Your Home
Two-thirds of teens who report abuse of prescription medicine are getting them from friends, family and acquaintances. Make sure the teens in your life don't have access to your medicine. Find out how to monitor, secure and properly dispose of unused and expired prescription and over-the-counter cough medicine in your home.When it comes to the problem of teen prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine abuse, it takes a community to help keep our kids healthy and safe.


Norovirus outbreaks occur throughout the year. But, over 80% of the outbreaks occur from November to April. Norovirus is a very contagious virus that can infect anyone. You can get it from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces. The virus causes your stomach or intestines or both to get inflamed. This leads you to have stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea and to throw up. These symptoms can be serious for some people, especially young children and older adults. For more information click on the title to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or click here to view Preventing Norovirus Infection.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness

March is national Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re aged 50 to 75, get screened for colorectal cancer regularly. Screening tests help prevent colorectal cancer by finding precancerous polyps (abnormal growths) so they can be removed. Screening also finds this cancer early, when treatment can be most effective. For more information click on the title or click here to view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day:

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) is an annual, nationwide observance that sheds light on the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. About one in four people living with HIV in the United States are women 13 or older. Every year on March 10, and throughout the month of March, federal, national, and community organizations come together to offer support and hope, reduce stigma, share information, and empower women and girls to learn the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment. This year marks the 10th observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. For more information click here to view the Womensheatlh.gov web site for “What every woman needs to know about HIV/AIDS”.

Girls are Great featuring the Teen Girls Conference: April 18, 2015:

The Girls Are Great program is an educational conference that provides information and discussion on easing the transition from childhood to pre-adolescence. The program is available for girls ages 9-12 and their mother or adult female guardian. This year ;"Girls are Great" will also feature the Teen Girls Conference. This conference is designed for teen girls ages 13-16 and their mother or adult female guardian. The Teen Girls Conference encourages healthy attitudes and lifestyles that will enable adolescent girls to develop to their full potential. One of the greatest aspects of the Girls are Great and the Teen Girls Conference is that both programs encourage open lines of communication between mothers and daughters. Click on the title to download the program registration form or contact the Health Department through the Health Education Division at 910-893-7550 for more information.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Please consider completing our patient satisfaction survey. This feedback helps us continually monitor or change our services to serve you better. Click on the title to access the survey in English. Click here for the Spanish survey.

Rex Mobile Mammography:

Mammography screening remains the best available method to detect breast cancer early. The Health Department provides mobile mammography screenings in partnership with Rex Mobile Mammography screenings will be held on March 25, 2015. Pre-registration is required. See the Downloads Box below for an application or call 910-814-6197 for more information.

ECU School of Dental Medicine Community Service Learning Center in Lillington

The ECU clinic is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Services: Comprehensive General Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Oral Surgery – Extractions, Root Canals, Sealants and Tooth Colored Fillings, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures and Partial Dentures, Implant Services, Periodontal Services and Cleanings, Cosmetic Tooth Whitening. Digital Radiography, and 3-D/Cone Beam Imaging. For more information click on the title to view the web site or call 910-814-4191, the facility is located at 80 Autumn Fern Trail in Lillington.

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