Harnett County,
North Carolina

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The purpose of the North Carolina Child Fatality Prevention System is to promote understanding of the causes of child deaths, identify Image result for nc child fatality preventiondeficiencies in the service delivery to children and families by public agencies, and to assess, recommend and implement systems for changes that will prevent future child deaths and support safe and healthy development of our children.

The Harnett County Child Fatality Prevention and Protection Team CFPT) is a multidisciplinary group charged to review all child fatalities in Harnett County occurring in children between the ages of birth through seventeen.

The CFPT reviews county child fatalities and looks for strategies to prevent future child deaths. If problems are identified, the team makes recommendations and shares them with them with local and state officials.

For more information about the Harnett County Child Fatality Prevention Team contact the Harnett County Department of Public Health 910-893-7550. For more information click here to view NC Health and Human Services web site.

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