Child Health

Child Health

The Child Health Division provides healthcare for children through age 20 years old.  Services provided include immunizations, sick care, and well child checkups including physicals for school entry, daycare and head start programs.  

A provider is available to provide care for sick children. Medicaid and private insurances are accepted. Immunizations for uninsured children may be given at no charge. Appointments are required for all clinical checks and exams. For more information or to make appointment call 910-893-7550.

Stay on track with your child’s vaccinations:

As a parent, you want to keep your children safe. Routine childhood vaccinations are an important way to ensure that your child and community remain healthy and protected against serious diseases, like measles and whooping cough.

The Health Department encourages parents to make sure children are up to date on routinely recommended vaccines. Well-child visits and check-ups are essential for routine vaccination.

What Shots Do You Need?
Children (0-6 years old):  current schedule
Pre-Teens and Teens (7-18 years old):  current schedule
School Immunizations: North Carolina  requirements
Adults (over 18 years old):  current schedules

Child Vaccinations-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)

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